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Soldiers To Scholars

Here’s what you get and what you need to participate

Handsome African-American College StudentThe Soldiers to Scholars (STS) Program requires that participants act as role models and work 7 hours a week mentoring at risk children in STS approved programs. In return for their time, Soldiers to Scholars will subsidize, up to 100% of the participant’s tuition and required supplies at all Valencia College locations or at the University of Central Florida. If you chose to live in designated housing, (Metro Place Apartments) Soldiers to Scholars will also cover the cost of your textbooks.

By living in the neighborhood you are visible 24 hours a day and seven days a week and are better able to act as mentors and role models to the children. Soldiers to Scholars participants that live in designated inner-city housing and will receive a $300 housing deduction to defray the cost of living while taking part in the program. *Now, participants with 10 hours a week within the program will now receive a $300 dollar stipend to defray the cost of living while taking part in the program. But only if 10 hours are completed a week, not less.

To be eligible for the Soldiers to Scholars program the participant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Filled out the Soldiers to Scholars Program Application.
  2. Demonstrated proof of an honorable discharge (DD2 14).
  3. Submitted a signed Letter of Understanding. The Letter of Understanding lists requirements of the participant to remain in good standing and thereby remain in the program.
  4. Demonstrated proof of enrollment in college.
  5. If criminal charges appear in someone’s background, the OCPS district requires specific documents to clarify the issue(s).
  6. Completed an Income Verification Form stating that their anticipated household income does not exceed the allowable limit. (If you wish to live in the designated apartments).

To be considered in good standing, the participant must

  1. Work 7 or 10 hours a week mentoring/tutoring at risk children in the “community designation”.
  2. Attend monthly mandatory training classes and meetings.
  3. Complete twenty-four (24) credit hours per school year as an undergraduate, and 15 hours per school year as a graduate student.  (A school year is defined as a Fall, Spring, and Summer term.)  Participants must take a minimum of nine (9) credit hours per semester in the fall and spring.  They may take courses in one of the Summer semesters to attain the required 24 credit hours.
  4. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 undergraduate and a 3.0 as a graduate student.
  5. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by paying bills in a timely manner.
  6. Display the morals and responsibility expected of a person serving as a positive role model* and mentor.

* Definition of a Positive Role Model

A positive role model is hereby defined, for the purpose of this program, as an ex-soldier who has consistently established a continuous pattern of integrity, moral strength, self-discipline, responsibility, a record free of criminal convictions, and who can encourage by example these same attributes in others, especially those to whom they will become mentors.

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