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Soldiers To Scholars

Testimonials & Graduates

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Roosevelt ‘Clutch’ Northern, Jr.

My name is Roosevelt 'Clutch" Northern, Jr. I am a retired United States Navy man of eighteen years (May 26,1992). My last military campaign was Desert Shield/Storm and "Provide Comfort" to the Kuwaiti people (28 Dec 89 – 29 June 90). I am the proud father of four wonderful children, Alycia Renee (FAMU sophomore); Chanell Joy (Memorial M.S.) and two boys Chadd Thaddeus and Malcolm Evers both attending Orange Center Elementary School. I have been married to Wanda Denise Dyson Northern for twenty-two years. Transition To Teaching (T3). hereafter called Soldiers to Scholars (STS), is the main reason that I am in the Orlando area. I came to Orlando in Sept. 1992 to pursue an electrical engineering career. However, through the mandated and altruistic services of volunteering at inner city schools I decided to become an elementary educator and mentor since August 1995, when I joined STS. I have enjoyed the people, the community and the mission that I am here to accomplish. I am here to save young lives for America's future! I am actively involved in this community and shall be for some years to come, in various capacities:
  • I have taught Intermediate grades; 3.4,and 5 Exceptional Students ESE (1996-98)
  • I am a teacher of a T.E.A.M, of fourth grade young scholars (1999-2000)
  • I coached an eleven years old co-ed "Orange Center Crushers" team to an Orlando city-wide Florida Basketball and Volleyball Association (FOVA) championship in 1997.
  • I commissioned a before, after and weekend school mathematics tutorial program.
  • I am a runner-up for "Teacher of the Year" at Orange Center Elem. 1998-99).
  • I am a Disney's Teacherriflic "Top Program" recipient for the 1998-99 school year.
  • I am PTA president and School Advisory Chair for school year 1999-2000.
Bottom line…I love to do what I am doing! I teach to reach each learner.

Johnathan D. Owens, Sr.

My name is Johnathan D. Owens, Sr. I'm a former active duty U.S. Army Armor Officer and I still serve in the Army Reserves. My wife and I heard about the Soldiers to Scholars program while I was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. I was leaving active duty and I knew I wanted to teach . The STS program offered me a great opportunity to pursue my goal while at the same time offering me practical experience working with school age kids. After approximately one year in the program I had completed all the requirements to teach in the state of Florida. As a direct result of the STS program I am now in my third year of teaching in the Florida public school system. My family and I are enjoying a new life in our newly purchased home in Orlando, FL.

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