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Soldiers To Scholars

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UCF seeks role models for black kids

The Orlando Sentinel (Monday, August 14th 1995)
Location in Publication: Page 1, Local & State

By: Shirish Date

Wanted: Black men who lost a military or defense jobĀ and want to study to be teachers. The University of Central Florida is looking tonight for a few good African-American ex-soldiers, and ex-defense contractors who want to become teachers. And while they’re learning how, they will serve as role models in a neighborhood that, until recently, […]

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Boost for ranks of role models

The Orlando Sentinel (Monday, August 21st 1995)
Location in Publication: Page A - 10

What’s missing from the lives of many children growing up in urban neighborhoods is a strong, responsible male role model. That lack of male guidance contributes to misbehavior In schools and crime in the street. An intriguing project has been introduced in Orlando, though, to address that problem. The idea. a brainchild of Florida Rep. […]

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Soldier of good fortune

People (Thursday, January 1st 1970)
Location in Publication: Up Front

By: Doris Bloodsworth

Former Marine commands respect from kids Just few years ago, Andrew Turman was a Marine Corps corporal trained and ready to defend his country. Now he’s waging a different kind of battle – rescuing inter-city children. Turman, 28, is one of 25 veterans enrolled in Soldiers to Scholars, The program, a brainchild of Rep. Alzo […]

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