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teachers-aidDr. Reddick (Founder of STS) recognized the values you learned in the military of respect for one self and others, teamwork, the importance of education and family values are needed by inner city children.  You, as an ex-service member can demonstrate these attributes and can affect the children in a positive way.  As a former military member you have the skills to serve as a role model and contribute to the development of a positive environment for these children.

The inner city is full of children from single parent homes that are left unattended for extended periods of time.  We know children learn by example from the people around them.  The examples of successful people they see are often those with criminal backgrounds, drug dealers, pimps, thieves, and their associates.  Without positive role models to help shape their minds it is easy to see where the influences around them can lead.

This program assists honorably discharged service members in getting their college degree in exchange for their services acting as a mentor and role models to these at risk children. Through our after school programs, the Walking School Bus, and our summer programs, and our weekend offerings you will be helping these children to become better students and citizens.


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