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Soldiers To Scholars

Spend 7 hours a week helping inner city youth and get a college degree with Soldiers To Scholars

If you have served honorably in the military, you can earn an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or (select few) Master’s degree by helping inner city youth head in the right direction.  As a former military member you have the skills to serve as a role model and contribute to the development of a positive environment within your community. Positive role models are greatly needed to replace the drug dealers, pimps and “gangsta” rappers that are currently serving as their role models. “What you get”

Our Mission

The mission of Defense Transition Services/Soldiers to Scholars (DTS/STS) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) is to assist U.S. military veterans in obtaining a college degree.  To achieve its mission DTS/STS works with military installations, the Veteran’s Administration, Florida Department of Veteran Affairs, UCF’s College of Education and Human Performance, and the College of Health and Public Affairs to assist deserving honorably discharged veterans.  Although the program places emphasis on recruiting minority veterans, the program is open to all veterans regardless of race or sex.  Through its programs DTS/STS seeks to increase the diversity of the University and provide mentors and role models for at risk children in the inner city.

Please take the time to review our site and hopefully you will take us up on this exciting and unique opportunity to get your college degree.

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